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Welcome to Doodleville, your one-stop doodle destination!!!!!

We specialize in standard, medium, and miniature Bernedoodles, English Cream Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles.


We are committed to the highest quality of care for our doodles and are dedicated to ensuring their mental and physical health is at the highest standard. 

Some Of The Most Prestigious Golden Doodles In The United States
Doodleville is one of the top breeding facilities in the country! 

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Characteristics of a Goldendoodle

Almost without exception, Goldendoodles are happy, easy-going dogs without a trace of nervousness or aggression. They live to socialize and are at their happiest when walking in a public space in which they can meet and greet all and sundry. They are naturally gentle, and very trustworthy with children and small pets, as they lack a hunting instinct. Constant company and positive relationships bring all these traits to the fore, but the Goldendoodle has no tolerance for isolation and will become withdrawn and depressed if neglected.

This is a dog that should constantly be at its owner’s side, and should never be expected to amuse itself for long periods. Like the Golden Retriever, it has a penchant for destruction when under-stimulated, and will often end up swallowing what it chews to hide the evidence. I have surgically removed more foreign objects than I care to remember from Goldendoodles’ stomachs, and owners should be aware of this risk when leaving items within their dog’s reach.

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Our Clients are just as important as our Doodle’s. We will make sure you choose the right puppy or dog to fit your home, family or lifestyle!

- Brett Hayse